To the editor: Every week, our local publications The News-Item and Daily Item cover county and magisterial court cases. Today is the first of September, and on Page 2 of The News-Item, you can clearly reference this information I am about to give to you.

Our district attorney, Tony Matulewicz, continues to put our communities safety at risk on a daily basis, meanwhile collecting a $180,000 a year paycheck from tax payers. He and his staff continue to play this little game show of “Let’s Make A Deal” every chance he gets, which releases drug dealers and violent offenders back into our communities to allow these vicious cycles to continue. His record for nearly the last seven years has shown he doesn’t care about offering help for addiction, overdose deaths, drugs being dealt or violence committed in our communities as long as his corrupt organization he’s running out of his office looks good for the media and during election time. We are all losing loved ones at record rates due to these crimes and if he doesn’t want to do his job, next year we must elect a district attorney who will! How many families must grieve and how many loved ones must we all lose before we decide to get registered to vote and show up on Election Day to stop this from continuing for four more years? This is the return investment we, as residents, are receiving from a man who has collected over $1 million dollars in salary of your money since being elected to office in 2015?

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