To the editor: Would you desire to make our community a better place in which to live? There’s a simple way to do that without the need for extensive planning, money or time-consuming effort. You can impact the lives of the citizens of our community by simply being kind, which will not only bring joy to the recipient, but also make you feel good about yourself. Kindness nourishes our spirits and shifts our focus from ourselves to others. It dispels loneliness and fear and reaffirms our connection with each other.

Suggestions for accomplishing showing kindness can be as simple as saying “Hello” to another person or lending a hand. Just by holding a door open for someone who is laden down with packages can brighten a person’s day. However, kindness is more than good deeds. It is an attitude of good will, an expression, a touch, a wave, a greeting, making everyone feel valued. It needs to be sincere, straight from your heart.

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