To the editor: The science is in and the data is out. Now, it is time we get back to a normal way of life and stop this nonsense surrounding COVID-19. Many are living in fear and there is no reason for it. The current administration wants to keep us living in fear so they can continue to control our lives. They have lied about schools and sporting events being super spreaders, lied about lockdowns and herd immunity and continue to lie about variants being more dangerous than the virus itself.

Science is showing us that the virus is on the decline and if we don’t get things back to normal, we will never be able to enter the stage of herd immunity where resistance to spread a contagious disease within a population results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals become immune to the disease, especially through vaccination.

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George Letkiewicz

Clare, you are right. Florida had less restrictions than New York or California. Florida did not have worse Covid results. South Dakota had less restrictions than Montana. South Dakota did not have worse Covid results Sweden had less restrictions than the UK. Sweden did not have worse Covid results.


You and Clair BOTH live in an alternate reality !!!!


Turn off Fox and OAN, Claire.


You live in an alternate reality!

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