To the Editor:

Since taking office over a year and a half ago, we on Kulpmont Council have always expressed that our constituents are encouraged and welcomed to personally attend our monthly meetings to question, face to face, and seek answers to any concern that they have in regards to issues throughout town.

Our intentions are, and always will be, to resolve dilemmas that our borough faces to the best of our ability while satisfying all we serve. We have indicated that every one of the inquiries, which are identified during the portion of the meeting dedicated to giving our citizens the podium to present their case, have been respectfully listened to and afterwards researched and, when possible, tactfully resolved.

Many items surface daily, in an unannounced fashion, which demand immediate attention. These more extreme and often dangerous problems must first be settled before addressing any newly presented concerns that may have emerged during the last meeting.

Recently, we have been plagued with street subsidences that have, over the years, been waiting to collapse and now require immediate monetary attention. Other demanding shortcomings were found at the accepted, and poorly designed, borough hall. Another inherited problem was the cleaning up and preparing the horrible remains of the Wilson building, which thankfully through grant money will be resurrected into a convenient and practical recycling center. Also found on that recycling site will be the removal and fixing of the sidewalks surrounding the center, which have been in disrepair and against borough code for years.

During our last few meetings, we have rehashed the wonderful outcomes at the “mill.” The onsite EPA supervisor even took the time on two occasions to personally attend our meeting to give firsthand accounts on the extreme action that had been anticipated and has finally been accomplished. Her report was presented to all in attendance and later her statements were summarized in The News-Item. It was also indicated, as part of her report, that the present owner will now face numerous liens from both the EPA and our borough due to his refusal to act in a timely fashion to inquiries pertaining to the neglect for the safety and well-being that this building presented to our community.

Citizen safety throughout our town is paramount. Signs which dictate safety actions should be taken seriously and obeyed. Signs are to inform and make all individuals aware of speed limits and crosswalk protocol. These warning indicators are important. But more so is working out a schedule to enforce the speed and crosswalk concerns to enforce the disregard of the message the signs are expressing. This concern is what our police force is trying to mandate in their workload between all the other major criminal activities they face each day.

In time, our officers will be attacking these two traffic issues and speed along with crosswalk offenders will be identified, stopped and arrested for their unyielding to our statutes and borough laws.

We, as your councilmen, want to know your concerns. We, as your councilmen, respect what you feel as an imposition. Please bring your concerns to us each month by attending our meetings. If the time and day do not fit your schedule, drop a note with your name, address and phone number at borough hall and one of us will gladly respond to your need and discuss your specific concern.

We on council want to serve but please understand that first we must also tackle the major issues. We must be frugal in our accomplishing goals while making sure all the problems are prioritized by both importance and need.

Kulpmont Borough Council

Submitted by Bob Chesney

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