To the editor: My question is this: What do liberals and Democrats not understand about illegal immigration?

Look up the word “illegal.” Get it? DO the Dems and libs truly believe we can simply allow tens of thousands of people from other countries who have not been vetted to simply walk into this country willy-nilly and disappear into the interior and then show up looking for welfare, medical aid, housing and more?

Despite the obvious problem of you and I, the average working slobs, having to pay the tab for these people, what about the inherent danger of not knowing who these people are and what their intentions are? Are they terrorists or gang members or child slave masters or drug dealers or pimps?

So, we detain these people under a law that was on the books and advocated by Bill Clinton, Hillary and enforced under Obama. We put them in holding camps and separated the children until we could determine if the child truly belonged to the adults.

Once again, this process was done under Obama, but now it’s President Trump’s fault. Our president is simply enforcing the existing law stringently in order to protect us, the American people, and yes, the immigrant children.

Although it is Congress’s duty to change the law, under pressure from said spineless Congress, Trump signed an executive order allowing kids to stay with the adults.

“Not enough” is the hue and cry from the libs, the Dems and what, in my opinion only, are the human gadflies such as Mr. Bomboy who now say detaining these people in detention camps is cruel and inhumane.

Are you libs nuts?

Read the above again and then forget the gadfly-inspired emotion and use your brain to think about this situation logically.

We used to have a quota system on immigration in this country. If an immigrant wanted to be in the U.S., they passed a medical exam, had to have a registered sponsor who was a registered citizen at a permanent address with a decent job. That sponsor was responsible for helping the immigrant get on their feet and become self-sufficient and then work toward citizenship.

I wonder how many of the well-to-do protestors, the Hollywood elite or people with walls around their mansions, security cameras, locked doors and armed guards would be willing to sponsor a few families and provide for them until they are legal to be here.

How about you, Bomboy? Taking any in? If you have, I applaud you. No? Then start thinking of my safety, my financial welfare or better yet, the homeless people and veterans who served this country instead of running your mouth off writing very articulate, but extremely nonsensical articles.

My take? I love any person who wants to be an American through legal means, will adopt our way of life and ideals and become first and foremost an American through and through, legally.

Karl Kort


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