In a nation founded upon freedom and liberty, it seems the current administration has very little concern or care to uphold it. Forcing citizens, law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working men and women to inject themselves with a vaccine that is barely a year old, and still under a emergency authorization, seems like something out of a science fiction movie. But that is exactly what is taking place in our federal government today and what will happen to the hundreds of staff of the Bureau of Prisons that do not wish to take the vaccine at USP Lewisburg, FCC Allenwood, USP Canaan, FCI Schuylkill and LSCI Loretto, just to name a few locations in central Pennsylvania.

These staff will be forced to retire early, resign or be fired if they refuse the vaccine. These staff members are your friends, neighbors, family, moms and dads and they are hard-working Americans that work in some of the toughest places in this country. Forcing these good people to do something against their will in order to continue to work and feed their families in pursuit of their happiness should be a crime itself. These people already obey the law, pay taxes and have sacrificed their own health and safety reporting to work daily for the last to years—when our government was paying people more to stay home and do nothing!

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You forgot the part where it says to promote the general welfare of the country.

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