To the editor: Last Saturday’s article by Greg Maresca made the dangerous claim that lockdowns, masks and social distancing are not a remedy to the pandemic that has resulted in 500,000 lost lives. Then Mr. Maresca added the more unacceptable, dangerous idea that vaccines, too, are not a remedy. This is in direct opposition of what science tells us. Greg may have his right to his opinion, but opinion should be based on facts, evidence, truth and reality, which is what science is all about.

Another article in that same edition concerned the limits to free speech. In that article, the point was made that the obvious reason you cannot yell “fire” in a crowded safe theater is that it endangers lives.

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If Maresca's opinions are "maybe worse" than shouting fire in a theater, how do you propose to stop him? If he persists, obviously you'll need to apply force of some kind. What kind?


Thank you for a wonderful and sensible letter! Keep them coming!

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