The best word I can think of to describe our 17th cruise in Kulpmont was “wow.” Over 200 vehicles and over 50 motorcyclists participated. The big surprise was the number of cycles that showed up in our first Fun Run. We anticipate many more next year.

Usually when you postpone an event like ours, you can expect 30% less cruisers to show up. It worked in reverse this year when 30% more cruisers registered for our popular cruise.

I want to apologize to our spectators for that one cruiser who did burnouts and fishtailed his vehicle. They are instructed on the registration form burnouts are not allowed for the safety of our spectators. Next year we will remind our spectators to get a description of the vehicle and plate number so we can have our police issue a citation for reckless driving.

A couple years ago at a cruise in another state, a driver lost control of his vehicle and hit a youngster sitting on the curb enjoying the day and was killed by this reckless individual.

We estimate that the quality of our cruise vehicles and motorcycles was about $2 to $3 million sitting in the Holy Angels parking lot and Scott Street.

We attract cruisers from many areas of Pennsylvania. They come to Kulpmont because they enjoy our good old fashion coal region hospitality and marvel over the quality food and service of the Holy Angels parishioners who serve the outstanding good.

The fundraisers for our cruise association generates revenue for local and surrounding businesses. It brings in visitors from many areas. When we present the Mahoney Brothers and Rick K and the Allnighters, local business people and booster clubs will also profit.

We would like to thank our cruisers and motorcyclists who participated in our 17th. We have already began to plan for our 18th on June 21, 2020.

We won’t tell you who our surprise guest or guests will be for next year. We hope the negative people who trashed us in Sound Off will stay home. We know your mission in life is to be a negative person and we don’t need you at our cruise.

Again, I sign my name.

Joe Cesari

Cruise sssociation president

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