I recently attended a two-day training provided by the Camp Hill Police Department and the Pennsylvania National Guard Northeast Counterdrug Training Center entitled “High in Plain Sight — You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know.” The class was facilitated by Officer Jermaine Galloway, “The Tall Cop,” who is a nationally recognized authority on drug and alcohol trends. He has provided education for over 100,000 attendees nationwide.

Officer Galloway prefaces his remarks by stating that if you “think” you know about marijuana, you can forget it. Boy, was he right! As someone who was on the fence about legalized recreational marijuana — after all, it will be regulated — my opinion shifted a full 360 degrees after the first day of training.

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I am a medical personnel with a several doctoral degrees. I have also spoke around the country to three times the number of people this “ law enforcement officer “ has spoken too which included medical colleagues, law enforcement, general public, and pretty much anyone in the mental health and lay people. I can say this article is entirely one-sided and I agree you should learn more about marijuana and the benefits of medical legalized marijuana. The fact we’re not fact and were blown way out of proportions! Sure I agree “street drugs” all should be illegal, but that was not the purpose of the story. I can tell you Indica will not leave a medical patient on the couch ! I have seen remarkable gains in progress from people who have been bedridden and after taking this medication, they were able to walk, leave their homes and live a much better quality of life. This also goes for Sativa as well. To even compare it to meth is totally ridiculous! I was so appalled after reading this article and how they mix street drugs in with legal and medical marijuana. They are like night and day. I agree the strains have increased in strength, however , if your dying of a fatal illness and can’t eat , these drugs help with appetite, weight gain and pain management. If you want to demonize a drug, look no farther than the opioid crisis and the thousands that continue to die on a weekly basis. These are legal and by far the worst drugs anyone can ever take. I believe if you are going to run a story so one sided , you need to look at the other side and give them the same amount of space in your paper. To change your mind a full 360 actually means you didn’t change your mind at all btw, so even if you did a 180 degree switch after listening to law enforcement speaking of the dangers, maybe you should think and listen to the doctors and people who had their patients and the patients who had their lives totally changed because of the wonderful effects of marijuana and how they now have a life. There is always two sides of a story and even many law enforcement personnel have also switched to the side of legalization. I would much rather be in a room with someone high on marijuana than drunk on alcohol, which kills how many thousands of people each week as well, also legal. Don’t be too quick to jump sides because you aren’t fully educated. Look at the facts on overdosing and death compared from the drugs you brought up to marijuana, it’s not meth or a drug to keep you on the couch, it’s actually helpful and if it becomes legalized for recreational use, no doubt it will still be much safer than alcohol,

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No one "spikes" marijuana with a more expensive drug and then sells it without you knowing about it. I don't believe anyone even mixes marijuana with other substances.

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