To the editor: With the new school term beginning, perhaps teachers and students can mathematically answer this question: “Who or how many people will likely vote for Trump in 2020?”

Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by about 3 million votes.

Republicans, supported by Trump’s agenda, have downsized and are attempting to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). This will eliminate health care coverage for an estimated 12 to 20 million people. Will they likely vote for Trump? No.

Trump’s policies regarding legal and illegal immigrants, separation of families, etc., should alienate the Hispanic community and many other immigrants. Additionally, any individual with a sense of dignity and empathy should be upset with these directives. Currently, 27 million Latinos are eligible to vote.

Trump’s tax plan certainly benefitted the wealthy. Yes, the middle class received a token break in its tax obligation, but this is nothing more than a bribe in an attempt to get their vote. I do not believe the middle class will be hood-winked again in 2020.

The GOP is considering major changes to both Social Security and Medicare. Yes, benefits will be cut and programs eliminated. The process has already begun. Currently, more than 50 million people have some type of dependence on these programs. Will they likely vote for Trump? I don’t think so.

GOP leaders are permitting Trump to lead the country with authoritarianism and divide the American public. Currently, there are 200 million registered voters in the U. S., but only 58 percent actually voted in the 2016 elections.

Analyzing these figures, researching additional data and looking at the direction we are heading, I don’t think the Republicans and Trump will stay in office. Perhaps the students during this new school year can provide additional insight and information to this scenario. What are their thoughts or projections?

Kenn Splitt


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It appears that this opinion article is a result of Fake News, misrepresentations and bad education. Let’s do the factual math in order to help our students and the writer understand facts. “ How many people will vote for Trump in 2020 “ is impossible to say but there is an massive fallacy in the article. Yes, Trump lost the popular vote but where and why? How many of these CA, OR and WA votes were caste by illegal immigrants. I should note that when President Trump assembled a committee to examine voter fraud California Governor Moonbeam Brown refused to give the committee the information. Why? Is there more or less illegal immigrants in our Country who if they illegally voted could change the popular vote of any national election. More. And your figures don’t add up.

When it comes to Obamacare not only don’t your figures add up but it was destined to fail before it began. Obama lied about being able to keep your then present healthcare and doctors and when are we going to get that $ 2000. a year back as he promised. Obamacare was fiscally failing and would have necessitated an unaffordable bailout according to the CBO. Is a change to a better healthcare system better or worse than having no healthcare at all or worse yet, bankrupting the Country?

As far as illegal immigration goes, it is a no brainer that Congress failed. The far left democrats were at fault along with a few RINO Republicans. The Swamp needs to be drained. And if more states like CA let illegal immigrants vote if would have a consequence on the election.

It is a mystery to me that you attack Trump’s tax plan when any unbiased economist will state that we have the best economic boom in history, the highest employment rate ever for blacks, Hispanics, youth and women, less free stuff given because now folks have a job and are productive, and the folks feel good about our economic future. Yes, Trump’s removal of burdensome regulations, his opening of the energy sector and his redoing bad trade policy helps but just think what would have happened if Trump would have had the support of Congress in getting what he wanted.

Your analysis of Social Security and Medicare is Fake News voodoo personified. The last time anything was done to save our entitlement programs was when President Reagan acted with Speaker Tip O’Neil years ago. Now, the problem is again reaching critical mass and something has to be done but lying like a politician about republicans cutting the programs is not the answer. This is a typical far left democrat tactic. Dividing the Country didn’t start with Trump it exploded under Obama and Hillary. Do the research along with truthful math like any good student or teacher.

The brainwashing of America is a contributory factor in the divide you refer to. This brainwashing is caused by many things of which three are the most salient. The death of journalism and birth of Fake News, the birth of bad teachers who cannot be removed and make the majority of good teachers look bad resulting in bad education, and the far left’s attempt to re-write history while attempting to remove God from the solid foundation that made this Country great. Lying with statistics is a common tactic in the Swamps but it is not good for America's or our children's future.

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