To the editor: Former U.S. Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, Republican, Kentucky, lambasted Georgia-based companies Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola for their position and comments regarding the voter rights and corporate promotion of American democracy. These companies publicly denounced and disagree with the new Georgia laws which change voting procedures in the next election. Although there are some positive changes in the new regulations, essentially, the new guidelines place restrictions on voters, especially those in the Afro-American community. Many people believe these new laws are a form of voter suppression.

McConnell certainly has a short memory when it comes to corporate involvement in politics. He vehemently supported the Supreme Court case, McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission and Citizens United which allows corporations to contribute huge sums of money to political campaigns. He consistently encourages corporate lobbyists to assist in writing and supporting the laws he desires to have passed. He personally accepts donations for his political campaigns from many businesses. He certainly is a promoter of big business and corporate involvement in Washington, D.C. politics. What does he now do? He admonishes these Georgia companies, as well as other businesses, to “STAY OUT OF POLITICS.” This is certainly the true character of a politician who should receive the award for being the best “Hypocrite of 2021.”

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