To the editor: My political comments and letters do not reflect “hatred.” I was raised Roman Catholic, attended Catholic schools for 12 years and have always strived to live by the teaching of my faith. My membership and leadership with the Knights of Columbus is an extension of my faith. Yes, I am a Catholic Democrat! I do not hate this president, any member of this administration or any individual who supports the Republican Party. I do disagree with Trump’s agenda and the current leadership of the Republican Party. I am granted that freedom of expression by the U.S. constitution.

I am a Catholic Democrat who is concerned about the political realities of this nation, the many challenges and also the many opportunities which we face. Our nation is founded on the principles of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I realize the “right to life” is not fully protected — especially for unborn children, the terminally ill and the elderly. These individuals are the most vulnerable members of our American family. We promote “liberty and justice for all.” However, we are too often divided among party lines of race, ethnicity and economic inequality.

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Wonderful letter Mr Splitt. Also , the founding fathers wanted separation of church and state.


Editor: PLEASE, PLEASE. do not print responses to this signed letter that in any form or fashion attack the person, the man, who wrote it. Disagree with a position taken, okay, but the newspaper should not let unsigned, nameless cowards make personal attacks on or about the author. Do your job.

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