Trump continues to unravel policies that have long been the bedrock of conservative philosophy. The silence of the Republican leaders and actions of the right-wing TV intelligentsia is in some ways laughable, but is also depressing because of the consequences of their actions.

Perhaps the Democrats, including me, should take some joy because of the Republican acts of political confusion and crookedness. However, I love this country, with all its faults, and the diminishing sense of global leadership and decline in moral and ethical principles certainly does not bring pleasure or happiness to me or my family. What I don’t understand is the lack of opposition and rejection from those in the Republican establishment and leadership to this charlatan, con artist president.

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There he goes again. Mr. Splitt has just attempted to perform that well known far left magical trick of twisting and distorting the facts while making the truth disappear. But no, Mr. Splitt you are no David Copperfield. The facts are that the USA has been the sugar daddy to the world and gave away or got cheated out of trillions of dollars due to both parties and at least 24 years of bad trade deals with our so-called friends. Any idiot with even a small IQ would have to admit this while looking at the Iranian and China deals alone. NAFTA was a joke. Now, you have a guy who isn't a politician trying to clean up the messes mostly made by Obama, Bush and Clinton. If you wee listening, President Trump is attempting to do just what he said " Drain the Swamp "; however, I really don't think he realized just how deep the DCSwamp is and how many more hideous Swamps there are throughout the United States. Your responsibility as a lover of America is the not spread misinformation through Fake News which brainwashes our youth into thinking socialism and big fat government is the answer when the truth is big fat government, bad educators, Fake News, and Goebbel's like brainwashing techniques are the problem that is dividing this great Country in half.

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