What exactly is socialism?

If you ask Republicans, they use far out examples like Venezuela and Cuba. Fox News recently featured an Asian woman saying that her village had no hot water or washers or driers and socialism for her was that everyone suffered equally. You have to hand it to Republicans — when they demonize a term, their supporters agree without question.

Democrats define socialism as government involvement in helping people in ways that private enterprise cannot or will not do. Understandably, companies don’t get involved in businesses with no profit. That is reasonable. If private enterprise could do everything there would be little need for taxes. Therefore, taxes themselves are part of socialism in that they pay for armed forces, police, roads and bridges, and everything government provides can be labeled socialistic. Taxes used to benefit people is the Democratic definition of socialism.

Bernie Sanders is called a socialist because he favors programs like affordable health care and free college education, areas in which private industry is lacking. The self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortex favors a 70 percent tax increase on those making more than 10 million dollars a year. You may think their ideas are good or bad, or too wide in scope, but government helping people through progressive taxes is a form of socialism that is common sense.

No Democratic candidate wants to get rid of capitalism. No reasonable person wants unlimited socialism or capitalism without some rules and regulations. How much or how little of each should be the center of the debate. No matter what the outcome, people can never completely be on their own, which means we will continue to live with some degree of socialism within our capitalistic system. In the final analysis, we all love a little socialism.

Jack Strausser


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The assumption that we all love a little bit of socialism aka government free stuff is true but unsustainable. The fact is that Fake News, socialist Bad Educators and biased Social Media has brainwashed good folks and especially our youth into believing socialism is good. It is not. Socialism ends when you run out of other people’s money like Margaret Thatcher stated. Actually, we are close to the end now when you consider we have a $ 22 trillion dollar debt and an unfunded liability of over $ 100 trillion dollars for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid now. This is proof positive that even a little socialism doesn’t work.

No, Mr. Strausser, loving a little bit of socialism is like loving a little bit of arsenic it is okay tp consume until the time that it kills you.


Sorry, but Obama did do the affordable health care. Those of us who do pay for our own health care are also paying for those who don't pay. We are not millionaires. We are families trying to do our best. How is this affordable for a family trying to raise children in this day and age? Something or things have to go to be able to afford yours and everybody else's health care. With socialism somebody always has to pay the price. You cant have one without the other. And I do believe in extremism. Look what's happened to our nation with the right of abortion. It went from weeks to months to full term. We've become a nation of get what we want at any cost. This stuff sneaks up on you. Its the old give them an inch and they'll take a yard. Then, we throw in other stuff when someone says something off color, its nationwide news to try and prove our morality. The new morality. Lets make a big deal about nothing and forget were killing our babies. We've evolved into extremist and the way the political climate is now, it's now going anywhere soon. We care about nothing while we watch our own fellow citizens and youth dissolving into a drug pit. I could go on but this isn't an editorial, it's just conversation.


Well stated!

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