To the editor: On Friday, my wife, Sandra (Rogers) and I will celebrate our 78th birthdays. No, this is not a misprint. We were both born on Feb. 22, 1941, in Kulpmont, just two blocks from one another.

I am not writing this article for any surprise birthday parties or anything like that. We will celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary in June.

With the lousy weather we have experienced so far this winter, many people complain about it. My response to them is, “I am just glad I am here to experience the weather.” You all know what the alternative would be.

Some people complain about getting older. I have been asked many times how I feel about that. My response is to celebrate old age; embrace it; enjoy it. We are blessed to be here. Many of our friends never got to this point in life.

Old age is a treasure of life. A life lived is never that important unless, somewhere during your life, you have helped others.

I hope I made your day a little brighter.

Joe Cesari


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In these times of divide, healing words like Mr. Cesari's are so important. Great article, Joe, and old age may have its aches and pains but it is sure is a treasure. Enjoy you and your wife's birthday and anniversary, your contributions to life are great and should be the goal of everyone not only senior to help others as that is what life if all about.

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