To the editor: One, small, bright spot that has manifested itself as a result of this pandemic is the willingness of so many individuals, groups and organizations to pitch in and assist those whose lives have been severely impacted by this crisis. Whether it be the free meals, monetary donations, checking on the elderly or simply being a sympathetic listener, Americans have come together to help each other.

Sadly, however, there are those in the political arena who have used the crisis as a means of increasing their control over the citizens, some to the point of envisioning themselves as emperors, doling out freedom-robbing, often unconstitutional, mandates. Gov. Wolf, for example (who, in my opinion, is a pinhead) believes in his heart that he has the power to order us to stay in our homes and not venture outside unless it’s for a purpose that he approves, and to close businesses that he deems “non-essential.” News flash, governor! All businesses are “essential,” in the sense that their owners and employees depend on them for small things, like putting food on the table and paying their bills.

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Sir, I know you folks like spouting words like freedom and oppression because it make you sound intelligent, but Pennsylvania law authorizes public health authorities to order quarantines to inhibit the spread of communicable diseases. Sorry, your argument holds no water. Do some research.

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