To the editor: We are at a point that we no longer face a political question of left and right but a moral question of right and wrong. We have a political party that has gone off the rails by supporting a man that will not accept the results of an election, encourages followers to carry out an insurrection, encourages violence against his supposed enemies, spreads lies, downplays a disastrous pandemic, and much more. What is the only conclusion when Trump wants to keep so much information from public scrutiny?

Republicans’ reactions to Trump’s transgressions are to make it more difficult to vote, ignore the insurrection of Jan. 6, keep silent when Republicans in Congress call for violence against Democrats, punish Republicans who tell the truth about Trump and condemn even those who voted for infrastructure with Democrats. If Republicans in Congress, with the exception of a few, continue to ignore the truth about Trump, our democracy remains in peril.

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