To the editor: Some “pro-lifers” accuse anyone who is pro-choice as baby killers. This wrongheaded idea was further encouraged with the New York law that allows abortion in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Third trimester procedures are extremely rare, making up only about 1% of all abortions. The option is available for exactly the reason stated in Roe and successor cases — to protect the life or health of the woman. In spite of what you hear and believe, any child born alive and viable has the same protection as any other person. That is the law.

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1% is too much.


How would we know how many abortions occur in the third semester? The organizations that refer and perform abortions like Planned Parenthood haven't told the truth in years. The facts are WHO estimates that between 40 and 50 million abortions occur worldwide each year. The fact is that the new far left Socialist Democrats are liberalizing abortion laws statewide in NY, CA, VA and other states. The VA Governor even talked about abortions after birth. Planned Parenthood admits selling baby parts and referrals to abortion clinics which are sometimes part of their facilities. They don't perform mammograms at all or any health care services that could not be done by your doc or a valid legal public service organization. Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business and makes 90% of its revenues from abortion referrals and selling baby parts. Why should we fund them with our tax dollars?


With all due respect, this guy got it wrong. Abortion isn’t the battle between pro lifers and others, it is the battle between a moral society and one with plummeting morality leading to division like we have not seen since the Civil War. Those who write opinion should look at statistics and history before writing. Look at our declining morals and the statistics before making incorrect and Fake News like comments. Let’s look at cause and effect. It didn’t start with Obama but certainly deteriorated dramatically during his administration. Obama divided police against blacks, Rs versus Ds (you can’t even call the new Socialist Democrats Ds anymore they are radical far leftists), promoted bad educators, Fake News and biased Social Media, cut our military budget while expanding social free stuff, made those who once worked into unproductive folks depending on a huge, fat federal and state government, agreed with open borders giving illegal aliens full benefits once reserved for hard working true Americans and those legal immigrants wanting to become Americans, condoned tearing down history and monuments while attempting to do away with Christmas, Easter and other religious holidays in favor of other parades of immorality. These are just a few of the many factors in the deterioration of American Society moving toward the abyss of Socialism. Now, many want Socialism and it appears that the 25% abortion rate in the NYC Swamp will grow more and be paid with by Medicare for All until we run out of other people’s money. Look at the Swamps run by the radical Socialist Democrats and see if you fit into that mold. Wake up folks before it is too late and think about it. It was once your America but now it is on the edge of being the America of Swamp Creatures (politicians and career government workers).

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