To the editor: The new Kulpmont Borough Council has been in office a little over six months. With that, we would like to give Kulpmont’s citizens an update on council’s activities.

• We finally fixed the heating in the “new” borough hall.

• We installed Quickbooks. The borough’s financial reporting is now timely, very informative and open for all to see.

• We erased a projected deficit of nearly $120,000 and a six-year-in-the-future financial model has been completed.

• We completed the borough’s first outside independent audit.

• A recycling grant for $150,000 has been submitted.

• We completed the demolition of the Wilson building, cleaned up that mess and made the Wilson site presentable at no cost.

• We cut down three large dead trees at the football field at no cost.

• We took down the old borough siren at no cost.

• We replaced all the out-of-date stop signs and directional signs in the borough and had additional street lighting installed on the busiest part of Chestnut Street.

• The mill has been given a great deal of attention and the EPA has visited the site multiple times, took samples for testing and has forwarded an action plan for the site. A representative from the EPA will be attending a future council meeting to give an update.

• We have had several old abandoned vehicles removed from the streets.

• We secured $50,000 from the county for blight and committed $25,000 of borough money to the blight fight.

• By conducting professional interviews, we hired three full-time police officers.

• We have recovered $1,500 from the “Snowgate scandal” from the county.

• We have recovered several thousand dollars in code citation fines and forwarded seven cases to the magistrate for action.

• We have issued a few hundred code violations since the beginning of the year.

• Eight properties with grass and weeds are cut by the borough regularly with eventual filing of municipal liens.

• We have posted and monitored nearly daily 15 properties in the borough that are unfit for occupancy.

• We passed a Quality of Life ordinance allowing the borough to better enforce codes.

• Per a citizen suggestion, we installed a new flag and pole at the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Complex.

• We placed a large boulder of coal, at no cost, in front of borough hall in recognition of Kulpmont’s coal mining heritage.

• For the remainder of the year the council will work hard for and provide all the support possible for our new police force.

• As much energy as needed will be provided to the EPA in dealing with the mill.

• Actions will start on the abandoned vehicles all over the borough and legal remedies will be pursued against blighted properties in the borough.

• Soon, work on some of the past council’s actions concerning spending of tax dollars will be completed and forwarded for possible action.

• These efforts will be done openly, always keeping in mind the financial resources of the borough and its citizens.

Lastly, we sincerely appreciate allowing us to serve the citizens of the borough.

Steve Bielskie

Bob Chesney

Bob Fanella

Walt Lutz

Mike Sinopoli

Bob Slaby

Kulpmont Borough Council members

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