To the editor: I don’t know where to begin so I will just state that I am proud and honored to be a President Trump supporter, and I know there are many of us — more than 75 million.

After years of hearing how horrible America was, I was so happy to see someone hug the American flag and love this country as much as I do. I was tired of listening to our elected official apologize for America. We are the best. I am writing because my Sound Off calls have been ignored. I suppose I am on the “wrong side.” I cannot believe the vicious hate I see in this paper.

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Let's try this , they tried to overthrow the government. Why would you support this man ??


I'm so very sorry that you have been totally deceived by T***p. I am sure you are a good person with a loving heart, I just that hope over time, you come to grips with the reality of his presidency.


Good One !!


Lady they tried to over throw out government. It was setup by this man you love so much.



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