To the editor: I don’t hate Donald Trump; that is, I wish him no harm. I hope good things happen to him. In fact, I pray that he becomes what he already thinks he is: the greatest president in American history. Honestly.

I do, however, find him intolerable, even abhorrent. Why? Here is a baker’s dozen of reasons why:

• Because he reacts and does not plan.

• Because he makes and announces policy by tweeting, without deliberation with and counsel from knowledgeable advisors.

• Because he decides by his gut, without considering the information of those who actually know something.

• Because he never thinks through the consequences of his words and actions.

• Because, instead of working with others, he fights with them.

• Because he acts like a chess player who can think no further than his current move.

• Because he bullies our allies and panders to our adversaries.

• Because he is now overlaying the chaos he incessantly creates with economic uncertainty.

• Because his behavior is off the rails when what we need is a president who will keep the country on track, rather than advisors attempting to keep the president from going off the deep end.

• Because he is constantly creating national and international disorder.

• Because, instead of minimizing chaos in the world, he brings chaos to the limited order allied forces in the world have worked hard for decades to maintain.

• Because he is doing irreparable damage to our institutions, our relationships, our values and our country.

• Because, as a totally erratic and unpredictable actor, he destabilizes everything he touches.

And I dislike him personally because I consider him to be a genuine, bonafide misanthrope who truly cares nothing about anyone besides himself. Other than that, in my book, he’s perfect.

If you want to know someone who really hates Trump, I recommend a new book by David Shields. The book is called: “Nobody Hates Trump More Than Trump. An Intervention.” The good Lord knows that Trump’s own self-hatred is more hatred than anyone should ever have to bear.

Tim Mannello


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Be clear: which specific items in my list were either imaginary, exaggerated, misleading or unwarranted and WHY do you think that is the case? Why would you think I should I mention the bad things other presidents have done or the good things you claim Trump has done in a letter about why I find Trump intolerable? What specific good things do you claim Trump has done that are beyond debate? What exactly is the connection between your gratuitous boiler plate digressions about Socialism/Communism, Free Stuff and Margaret Thatcher’s quote about running out of money to pay for free stuff and anything I wrote.

It is a pity that you could not come up with any comments about my letter that did not involve unsupported generalizations, demands for content extraneous to the purpose of my letter, and diversionary standard broad brush, undefined right wing ideological drivel.


Wow, your over exaggerations are unwarranted and misleading but certainly appear often within your article which lists all the imaginary bad anyone could do. I do agree with some of your points but President Trump is Trump and not a politician. What is strange is that your words seem to verify hate in which you mildly attempt to say you don't " hate him " but then just change hate to wishing him no harm. Strange????? You mention nothing about the damage done by our last two presidents along with the good President Trump has done. Some of the good is not even debatable except with twists and turns of the news media and far left politicians. I believe our nation is strolling down the path of Free Stuff aka socialism/communism. As Margaret Thatcher basically that Free Stuff Socialism is great until we run out of other peoples money to pay for it.

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