To the editor: I recently heard someone say, “God bless you and your soul because you are still a Democrat.”

In all probability, he was a Republican. However, it made me wonder why people today remain committed to the Republican Party since they are no longer the party of Lincoln and his political philosophy. Perhaps the members of the current so-called Republican Party should re-name their organization.

The GOP has certainly changed — especially over the past two years. In the 1800s, it became the party of big business and the wealthy. In the 1920s and ’30s it became involved with and supported by the evangelical movement. They then allied with conservatives who were mostly white Christians. In the 1960s and ’70s it became very popular with the Southern conservatives and became very attractive to Democrats who then changed party affiliation. Ironically, those individuals were once considered the ideological enemies of Lincoln.

In recent years, the Republicans have shown a disdain for science. They oppose the information regarding global warming and contempt for scientists’ warnings about pollution, toxic chemicals, radioactivity and environmental damage. They have continually shown a disregard for scientific form of thought: that “facts” require evidence which have been replaced by “facts” being determined by emotional truth and usefulness — better known as “false facts.” This has become a standard of thought and publicity for the Trump administration. We are now very familiar with Trump’s inaccurate statements, corruption and downright lies.

Republicans were always concerned about our national debt. Apparently, that issue is no longer a high priority item on their agenda. What is important is immediate prosperity and profit. The future, both economically and environmentally, is now a low priority item. Additionally, it appears they advocate policies of voter suppression and have become increasingly tolerant of racism. It appears they are no longer committed to the principles of our democratic republic.

The Republican Party is not the party of Taft, Eisenhower, George H.W. Bush or Lincoln but, rather, the party of Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Mitch McConnell. The basic dogma of the party does remain with some party members: small government, low taxes, a strong military and social conservatism. However, those principles, standards and values have certainly faded for many Republicans and Trump has swallowed up all the attention. The ideological commitment is now devotion to Trump. Yes, Trump is the party and the party is Trump.

Kenn Splitt


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Mr. Split’s L to E is like reading a comic book upside down. He can’t be serious in his attack against the Republican Party when the true fact is the Republican and Independent Parties are stable while the Democratic Party of JFK is dead. It has transformed into a New Democratic Socialist Party which would have total control of folk’s lives from birth until death. The Democratic Party now support taxpayer paid abortion even after birth, taking guns away from law abiding citizens, re-writing the history books, tearing down historic monuments, stopping the use of all natural resources while the rest of the world pollutes the planet, taking religion away and calling good folks who believe in the above deplorable. They support Medicare for all which is total government control of our healthcare system when even Obamacare became unsustainable. The Democratic support free collage, free welfare for all if you you decide you don’t want to work, and so much more free stuff it would take an entire newspaper to include here. The total addition to the national debt is projected at $ 73 trillion dollars over the next ten years for their new Green Undoable Deal As Margaret Thatcher said socialism/free stuff is great until you run out of other people’s money. Look at Cuba and Venezuela for proof. Don’t forget Obama added more than $ 10 trillion dollars to our debt while decimating our military’s budget. Obama added more to our national debt than ALL the other president’s combined. Now, we have a president who has not only a booming economy but also has a record of the lowest unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and women in history. Mr. Splitt has succumbed to the misinformation machines of Fake News, far left social media, and radical far left educators who have brainwashed our youth into thinking socialism is better than a democracy/republic. There is only one David Copperfield and it isn’t the New Democratic Socialist Party leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NYC.

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