To the editor: After attending Monday night’s Shamokin City Council meeting, I am truly disgusted in the actions during the meeting of the mayor and city council. During the meeting, citizens were cut off by the mayor, jokes were made by council, the city administrator and the mayor as it relates to citizens comments. Also while citizens were speaking, the mayor would focus his attention on his cell phone texting, instead of listening. Very disrespectful.

Citizens get a measly few minutes a month to address council about issues that need attention. That’s when they should have the respect to listen instead of trying to hurry up the meeting. For months, people have talked about trash in the city, drugs and blight, but attention is elsewhere and people are fed up. These politicians beg for your votes on Election Day, but don’t have the respect to listen to your concerns. That certainly needs to change in November by electing candidates who will not only listen to your concerns, but make an attempt to correct them as well.

The most disrespectful act I’ve ever seen at one of these meetings was when the mayor asked to accept the resignation of Code Enforcement Officer Rick Bozza. Here’s a guy who has had his office controlled by politics for years, threatened if certain council members get elected he would be replaced and pressured daily to do what the politicians wanted him to do. Also, constantly added more tasks into what he already had to do daily in his position, and not one person thanked him for his service. Totally appalling, disgusting and downright rude of this administration. What a shameful act.

Let me be the one to say, thank you, Rick Bozza. Thank you for giving many years of service to our city. They may not appreciate your service, but many of us do. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Joseph J. Leschinskie Jr.,


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