To the editor: This is in response to Walter Lutz’s Letter to the Editor regarding expenditures of the Kulpmont-Marion Heights Joint Municipal Sewer Authority.

For nearly 30 years, the authority, similar to corporations, other governments and small businesses, has had an appreciation dinner at Christmas and during the summer for its employees, the board members, its engineer and solicitor and significant others. The purpose is to show appreciation to its employees and promote a positive work environment and good will.

With regard to the authority’s new employee, the board was satisfied that Mr. Kornaski had the credentials and background to successfully perform his job. Licensed plant operators are difficult to find. Mr. Kornaski’s competency has never been in question. Moreover, the board was satisfied that he can be relied upon going forward. To date, he has been a great addition under the guidance of the plant operator.

The authority has been run well for years. Currently, the plant operates smoothly because of the dedication of its employees and board members. The residential sewer rate is $30 per month, which is lower than many neighboring authorities.

We, as board members, are not paid for our service on the board. We volunteer because we enjoy serving the community. If Mr. Lutz has questions for the board, he is welcome to come to a meeting.

Bruno Varano, chairman

Stephanie Niglio,

Robert Michalkovich Bernie Novakoski

Steve Motyka

Anthony Greco

Joseph Miriello Jr.

Board Members of the Kulpmont-Marion Heights JMA

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