To the Editor: First, let me emphasize that I believe the killing of George Floyd was a despicable act, and that the rogue officer responsible should be prosecuted, along with those who abetted him in this criminal act. I also believe that peaceful protest is one of the hallmarks of a free society, with the operative word being “peaceful.”

Regrettably, what has been transpiring in major cities across our nation over the last week has nothing to do with the legitimate, legal, Constitutional airing of grievances. It is anarchy, and it must be dealt with as such.

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Susan A Yucha

Shuey was correct and this trashing of our country must be stopped with any and all means possible and the return of civility and Law and Order returned. The protests have been taken over by Radical forces with the intention of changing all the good this country represents in their selfish intent to turn the last Bastion of freedom into a Socialist/Communist society !


Use deadly force because a store was broken in to and “ stuff” stolen?

George Soros is paying people to break “things”?

Wow, it’s good news for sure that this gentleman is retired as his calls for deadly justice and allegations against a man that he certainly has no personal proof of ( other than watching a certain “ news” channel) Is scary, very scary.

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