I would like to set the record straight on something. It has come to my attention by some concerned people who want to know why I am “against” everything going on positively in Shamokin. The statement is simply not true. I do support positive things, as long as the work is being done. I will touch on something the public has not known until the writing of this letter as it refers to my relationship with Mayor John Brown to let you know why I do not respect this man.

When we were opponents in the 2017 mayoral primary, the illegal pensions became a hot topic in the financial state of the city. I had filed a right-to-know request with the city for the retirement pensions of the last four retired officers. One of them was John Brown. When he became aware of this, we met at Lincoln Towers to discuss the situation.

From that meeting, we decided to work together after the primary in an effort to defeat Democrat Mayor Bill Milbrand. If Brown won, I would help him; and if I won, he would help me. It was a gentleman’s agreement.

Then came primary election night. I conceded at Raspberry Hill, wishing him luck, and told him when he’s ready to get to work, I’m ready to get in the trenches for him. He replied, “I can’t work with you. You will cost me the election in November.” I suggested we speak a week later; same answer. Call it a good political move on his part, because he got me. I always stated I was never in this game to play politics; I guess round one went to him.

Drugs are still running rampant, with a handicapped police force; good people have left because they are sick of wasting years in hopes this was the answer; tax office still unable to collect taxes and identify residents. He got Shamokin this time. Next time, I, and others, won’t be so blind. There’s your answer.

Joe Leschinskie Jr.


(Leschinskie is a Republican Committeeman for Shamokin Ward 5.)

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