To the editor: When people perpetrate outright lies about me, I believe it is my responsibility to respond. Perhaps the author of the asinine letter about me did not have all the facts. Perhaps that person intentionally misled the citizens of a city he doesn’t live in. After all, who can ever really know the intent of others? I will simply address the falsehoods stated in the letter and leave it at that.

First, there is money in the current budget to hire two part-time employees to replace a full-time employee who resigned. And, the fact that an applicant is my friend was never a secret from anyone. I disclosed my relationship with the applicant before the interview was conducted. I also followed all protocols, consulted a labor attorney, and did everything in public meetings. I followed the same procedures that were used for the four other employees I interviewed, recommended, and who were subsequently hired since I took my seat on City Council. When thoughtfully considering the situation with 20 years of professional experience (instead of making it a personal attack as the author did), being a qualified applicant makes friendship irrelevant.

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