To the editor: I want to present some information about the Kulpmont-Marion Heights Joint Municipal Sewer Authority that I believe is total nonsense.

How about Mattucci’s bills of $1,200-plus, including $56.95 for surf and turf and one meal for $62.90? One bill shows 17 appetizers, 12 meals, 16 desserts and banquet soda totaling $160.46 (that’s a lot of soda). One ticket had a tip of $225 — yes, a tip. Over a period of approximately 2 1/2 years, five charges from Mattucci’s were found averaging $1,145 per charge.

Copies of the bills along with portions of the sewer authority’s credit card statement have been forwarded to The News-Item.

What were these charges for? Who authorized and then approved these charges? Who was present at these meals? Was all of this food eaten at the restaurant or was some carried out? Did anyone on the board disapprove of these charges?

It goes on. There is a new employee at the sewer authority by the name of Vic Kornaski. Kornaski was prominently mentioned in some articles in The News-Item in November 2016. There were some serious questions regarding a laptop computer and a service contract. As written in The News-Item, Kornaski abruptly resigned his position with Mount Carmel Municipal Authority. Kornaski’s sewer authority application was obtained by filing a Right to Know request. It shows no work history before April 2018, and only working up to May 14, 2018. So did Kornaski never work before April 2018? The application is so sparse and incomplete that one can only ask — what’s going on here?

Kulpmont’s current representatives on the sewer authority are Stephanie Niglio, Bruno Varano, Bernie Novakoskie, Steve Motyka and Robert Michalovich. Might it be possible to get some answers and explanations?

Is there anyone on the planet that thinks any of this is remotely OK? Many, many people in town are on fixed incomes and have trouble making ends meet. This is total nonsense.

Walt Lutz


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