To the editor: Northumberland County taxpayers should be aware that county Commissioner Rick Shoch has moved his law practice to Snyder County. The Northumberland County taxpayers have, for the last seven years, been paying Shoch more than $60,000 a year in salary and benefits. Shoch also takes $40,000 a year from Point Township taxpayers as the highest-paid township solicitor in Northumberland County.

Despite years of earning his living off the Northumberland County taxpayers, Shoch has decided to turn his back on Northumberland County and move his law practice to Snyder County. This is a slap in the face to the hardworking citizens who elected Shoch a Northumberland County commissioner.

I have previously called for the Northumberland County commissioners to take action and prevent the big money of the marijuana industry that will be pouring into our county from influencing the decisions made by the county commissioners. Unfortunately, we have heard nothing from our commissioners on this critical issue.

I, again, call on the Northumberland County commissioners to immediately pass a resolution that would prohibit the commissioners or their spouses from being employed by any marijuana entity in Northumberland County or any enterprise that derives more than 20 percent of their gross revenue doing business with the marijuana industry. The resolution should also provide that neither the commissioners nor their spouses will take a job in the marijuana industry for three years after they leave office. Further, every candidate for county commissioner and their respective political party organizations should pledge not to accept campaign contributions from any marijuana business.

Mr. Shoch and Mr. Sam Schiccatano are the majority commissioners. They must tell our citizens why they will not adopt such a resolution. Their deafening silence on this issue leads me to think that perhaps they have plans to be hired by the marijuana company they have worked so hard to bring into our area.

I am sure attorney Shoch knows the legal term “quid pro quo,” which by definition is “something that is given in return for something else.” Passage of this resolution by the county commissioners would prevent, often illegal, political payoffs.

Vinny Clausi

Coal Township

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