To the editor: Most of us, at one point or another in our lives, have had to deal with a bully. Bullies are cowards who tend to be miserable in their own lives and then take their unhappiness out on others. They try to gain the respect they lack by harassing, intimidating, and harming others, all in an effort to feel better about themselves. They are cruel, abusive, and believe they can use fear to control those around them and force people to like them. As many of us know, these folks never change or grow up. And for anyone who has had to stand up to a bully, you know it’s not easy and takes courage. But when we don’t stand up to them, we only give them permission to continue treating others this way.

Unfortunately, Shamokin is no exception to having bullies. In the case of our family, bullying not only includes continuous stalking, harassment, and intimidation tactics, but threats of physical harm. We also know others who have been harmed by this same behavior. It’s sad that somebody has to harm others to feel better about themselves. While it’s not easy, and some days can simply be exhausting, I encourage you to keep up the good fight, and never back down.

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