To the editor: As a truck driver, I travel the East Coast daily and have had personal experiences in various cities and states. I see the direction this country is going in through my experiences.

The media is single-handily destroying our country. In order to stay “on the air” they must make money. The media has to maintain the world’s attention. How do they accomplish this? Excitement. If all three stations were to tell the truth, who would watch the news?

CNN and MSNBC have zero journalism and spew hatred and violence. This gets ratings and ratings make money. They are actually the true racists. For example; “White cop shoots black man.” Headlines like this make big bucks, and not to mention we all know that the whole story isn’t told. People are becoming hypnotized by the news and actually believe it.

People hate our president, who is dedicating his life to improve ours. What Trump has done and overcome is nothing short of a miracle. He beat all odds since day one and he had nothing to gain and everything to lose while running for president. He gave up his family, social life, millions of dollars in funding his campaign and he puts his life in jeopardy. Why do people hate him and want him to fail? This I can not comprehend.

Do not be ignorant to the truth. The news doesn’t want you to see that Trump is keeping all of his promises. We, as a country, are prospering, winning and we are safer than ever. Trump is putting American people first. We have been worrying about helping and taking care of other people and countries long enough.

No matter what happens tomorrow, Trump has kept the most important promise of all: nominating a very conservative Supreme Court Justice in Neil Gorsuch. Trump also picked Mike Pence, who, as vice president would keep conservatism going even stronger if something were to happen to Trump.

This is what is important to me, my family and my Catholic faith. Every Catholic, Christian and person of any religious faith should have and should be supporting our president 100 percent for these reasons alone. If Brett Kavanaugh gets appointed, abortion rights are in jeopardy and steps will be taken to stop the killing of babies. If you are a person of faith and you spend your time disrespecting Trump and posting trash on social media, you need to do some soul searching and stay away from the church.

If you are a Democrat or someone who didn’t vote at all as a person of faith, and we had a candidate in Trump who will protect our rights, religious freedoms and try to stop the killings of innocent babies, you technically supported it because you didn’t vote to stop it. This is a mortal sin. The Bible states, “You can’t have two masters.” You have Jesus and his unborn children on one side and Hillary, Obama and Bernie on the other. Seems like you can’t be a Democrat and a person of faith these days.

If blessed Mary was on Earth in body, what march in Washington would she have gone to? The women’s health care rights march (nice way to say abortion rights) or the pro-life march? It’s not too late to get aboard the Trump train and help this man before it is too late.

I am sure I hit a lot of sore spots with many people, but after my last letter, the overwhelming positive response from people was amazing. I know my letters are more appreciated than hated. I received praise from people from the military, veterans, law enforcement, politicians and, most importantly, compliments from nuns and priests. This is enough evidence that my family and I are on the right side. I hope I influenced people to stop and think about what’s really going on before it may be too late.

God bless you, and please help make America great again.

Bryan K. Albert

Coal Township

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Mr. Albert's Letter to the Editor is truly the voice of experience and reason. It was very refreshing to see this appear and more of us who realize the dangers of Fake News should step forward and express how we feel. I believe the majority of Americans feel this way even if they don't like our Presidents modus operandi or personality. The proof is in President Trump's results. We are still a conservative Democracy not a socialist nation. If you subtract NYC, Illinois, and the West Coast from America you will see a completely different America. Sure there are pockets of far left socialism within other areas but they certainly are not in the majority. Let your voice be heard not only in the voting booth but also in your written and vocal opinions in order to save our Great Nation.

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