To the editor: “Medicare to go broke by 2026.”

A government report says Medicare and Social Security are running out of money. Wow. Is this fake news? Should I continue reading the newspaper or listen to television news? Perhaps I should begin watching Netflix or cartoons that are entertaining, because I know they are not real people. I’ve reached the point where I cannot handle the truth.

I’m already retired for a few years and my Social Security benefits are activated. I had achilles surgery after falling down a few basement steps and I severed that darn tendon. However, what’s next? What replacements parts will I need ... hip, knees, cataracts, bypass, hearing aides, new bifocals? The report says this is “a sobering checkup on programs vital to the middle class.”

I don’t drink, so I know I was sober when I fell down the steps. However, the way things are going, I’d rather not be sober. Perhaps “tipping a few” would solve these problems?

Lawmakers must act, but they won’t. They know the answers are unpleasant. They cannot get elected or re-elected if they advocate sacrifices or higher taxes.

We all think it’s the other guy’s fault. Nobody will do anything. We’re living much longer but living in the future may not be easy. I guess when the time comes, I’ll have to duct tape my knees, begin using less water, turn the thermostat down in the winter, look for those “senior discount days,” ride “the free bus,” disconnect the TV cable, possibly rent out a room in my house and forget about living in California.

However, right now and more likely, I’ll do what the lawmakers are doing: Not worry about it.


Kenn Splitt

Kulpmont and California

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