To the editor: I don’t know a lot about the medical marijuana industry. I understand that marijuana’s medical applications have helped relieve the pain and suffering caused by several diseases and that scientific research indicates marijuana might help with treatment of additional illnesses.

The medical marijuana industry is big money today and will be much bigger money in the future. What I do know is that big money brings corruption. County government must take action, while the marijuana production and distribution is in its early stages, to ensure that the drug industry cannot use its big money to influence our elected officials.

The Northumberland County commissioners should immediately pass a resolution that would prohibit the commissioners or their spouses from being employed by any marijuana entity in Northumberland County or any enterprise that derives more than 20 percent of its gross revenue doing business with the marijuana industry.

The resolution should also provide that neither the commissioners nor their spouses will take a job in the marijuana industry for three years after they leave office. Further, every candidate for county commissioner and their respective political party organizations should pledge not to accept campaign contributions from any marijuana business.

I have previously stated my concern about Commissioners Shoch and Scicchitano’s decision to put a marijuana facility next to a prison full of drug dealers. I still believe that this decision will inevitably cause problems at the prison.

Shoch and Scicchitano’s marijuana deal will give the county a one-time boost in revenue so, next year during their re-election campaign, they will be able to hide the big hole in the county budget. Sooner or later, though, the taxpayers will be stuck paying for Shoch and Scicchitano’s inept management of Northumberland County government.

Vinny Clausi

Coal Township

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