To the editor: Our president campaigned and got elected with a border wall. Opponents will say he did not get a popular majority, therefore he did not have majority support at the time of his shockingly unexpected election. Opponents were caught totally off guard and actively obstruct and undercut border security, seemingly to hurt our president without consideration of the logic of fixing of the obvious security problem. However, in spite of the obstruction, polls today indicate that the tide has turned and that the level of citizen support has become a majority.

Still, opponents, “the swamp,” do not want a wall and continue to thwart the present will of the majority. They “thwart” because open borders bring cheap, undocumented labor for business; and bring undocumented people having documented relatives who are voters; and bring undocumented people who stay and become voters. Wall opponents, whose inside-the-beltway politics are disliked by the majority of Americans, gain either money or votes (power) or both by their covert and overt opposition.

The joke is on us, because everyone knows that a wall will reduce the movement of drugs, gangs and criminals into our homeland and will reduce the flow of undocumented people who sneak in. The homeland consequences of a wall will be a lower drug supply, lower crime, a reduction in public money spent on welfare and education of the undocumented, lesser public monies for internal policing, and a favorable tradeoff of lesser manpower associated with higher concrete, steel slats and barbwire.

Our president calls a national emergency to deal with a chronic unresolved issue and taps pork barrel funds to solve a problem that negatively impacts all of us. He plaintively tells us, if you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country. My sense is that most Americans support his stubborn and persistent efforts to reach the long-term and very elusive goal of securing our southern border. What’s not to like? Make the joke on the swamp.

Ken Young


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Unfortunately, statistics don't back up anything you said here. But, keep drinking the Kool-Aide.

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