Our president has made some highly publicized tweets about freshmen Congresswomen Cortez, Thaub, Omar and Pressely. They are far left progressive women of color, with strong ties to identity politics and victimhood of minority groups and probably owe their election to the Justice Democrats PAC. They have collectively and uniformly used social media to trash border security, promote far left causes, and rail against Israel as they are apparent anti-Semites. They have become known as the “squad.” The president’s tweets are pushback and the squad is quick to label them as racially motivated.

Who founded the Justice Democrats PAC? Mr. Saikat Chakrabari, a key Bernie campaign aid, a diehard socialist, and his colleagues formed the PAC and recruited candidates, including the squad, to run for Congress in order to “build the Democratic Party into a progressive force that truly represents all Americans.” The PAC has a goal list that includes: The green new deal, uncompromising opposition to our president’s immigration approach, abolishing ICE, publicly funding abortion services, free higher public education, and single payer health care to name a few. Saikat and others made the goals and he alone wrote the green new deal over a weekend.

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Good article but it falls a little short in my eyes. Specifically, the headline about the new progressive left....it isn't a new progressive left it is a radical new Socialist Democrat Party as outlined by the Squad and Bernie Sanders. Also, it fails to address the very contagious political disease which has became epidemic over the past 20 years that has created Swamps not only in DC and most major cities but also has trickled down to cities, boroughs, townships, school districts, career civil servants, and states throughout the USA.

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