To the editor: We certainly have a group of “old white men” serving as senators in Washington, D.C. These Republican leaders are trying to return this country to the 1950s.

After more than 70 years of hard work and sound decisions, these men are trying to undo the progress that has been made for human rights, gender equality, racial harmony, medical care for all, environmental protection, fair wages, etc. These individuals are ignoring the Constitution and our rules of law.

Mitch McConnell just rammed through the confirmation of Kavanaugh while ignoring and refusing to consider Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Whatever happened to the 60 vote rule the Senate had previously established in its rules of order? It was changed to satisfy these “old men” and their personal philosophies. This regulation was originally designed to prevent filibusters. It is desperately needed and must be enforced in order to regain the confidence of the American people and keep the court as an independent, unbiased body that reflects the intent of the Constitution and the American people.

Our Founding Fathers would be horrified and disgusted if they witnessed what is going on in Washington. World leaders are laughing at us as they did at Trump at the recent U.N meeting.

We need a Congress and president who will work together in the best interest of the people. Today we have a leader who is not capable of creating that unity and is more interested in self promotion and pride. He is an impulsive, unstable and a compulsive liar with authoritarian values, beliefs and behavior.

The only way these problems and issues can be resolved is through change of leadership and representation.

That process will officially begin in a few short weeks when the mid-term elections are held. I personally encourage everyone to register and vote and begin to replace some of these “old white men” with individuals who are concerned about the people and not the party or themselves.

Kenn Splitt


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Don't tell Ben Franklin that he Einstein and others were worthless old white men. And don't forget to include the sleeping Justice Ginzburg who would insist that you not only include men. Disgusting.
Mr. Splitt must have either had a bad day or has forgotten our past history while attempting to rewrite it. Our public education system is failing and misrepresentation along with FAKE NEWS, THE SWAMPS and BAD EDUCATION are the cause. His bigoted attacks with lies, truth twisting and hate against Republican aka Conservative white men who are senior citizens is a perfect example of what is dividing this great nation. Splitt’s ignorance is appalling and must be corrected. He talks about the past 70 years falsely when the truth is those 70 years plus resulted in over a $ 100 trillion dollar debt along with huge yearly deficits. These were caused in the most part by liberal socialist loons in the Swamp. Mr. Spiltt does not understand that the least amount of government is the best government. Our founding fathers never envisioned the radical, liberal , socialist governmental programs which we have today and which is destroying the very fabric of our country. Too much free stuff, Mr. Splitt, is the cause of moral decay, government dependency and the effect is the slow fall of American values. Splitt ask a silly question about “ whatever happened to the 60 vote rule the Senate had previously established in its rules of order “. Well, he most likely knows that it was a radical far left Democrat old man named Senator Harry Reid who scapped it. BAD EDUCATION and FAKE NEWS is the result of not knowing the truth. Splitt’s using of the Founding Fathers falsely is also BAD EDUCATION They are turning over in their graves everyday a new program is shoved down the folks throat by radical liberals and republicans in the political SWAMPS throughout our Country. The fact is there is no Democratic Party anymore it is a Bernie Sander’s Socialist Party hiding in Democrats clothing. The Republicans in name only is the old Democratic Party. And yes, Mr. Splitt, this is why we all must vote and get rid of the radical far left who is destroying America today.


Bravo Mr. Splitt! Well stated. God help our children and grandchildren. Massive deficits, climate change, income inequality making America not so much a land of opportunity anymore, massive student loan debt. So unfair. Furthermore, the average joe doesn’t understand that a “ conservative” Justice is a lot more than about the abortion issue. Conservative means less regulation. Less regulation means big business can roll over the individual investor/customer etc and get away with it. The little guys ( us) , we will , over time feel the effects. The rule of law will be “ buyer beware”, with no help by way of law or regulation to help the consumer. You can “ wait and see” or , do as Mr Splitt suggests and vote for Democrats who will and have offered regulations — regulations that protect the average person from the predator corporations.

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