To the editor: In rural communities, we have to drive everywhere to get basic needs met. Groceries trips, doctor visits, and school activities all require transportation to get there. For many rural areas, there is no form of public transportation offered. Hospital closures are forcing us to drive further to get lifesaving medical care. Tens of minutes of added time to emergency room drives can be life or death for many area residents; and without a car or means to afford an ambulance—you’re low on options. Furthermore, we pay the highest gas tax in the country, which adds an even larger burden to driving.

Investment in rural public transportation would be an investment in rural communities. It would create good blue-collar jobs and build back the middle class, while giving our seniors, veterans, and working families a reliable option for getting around our rural communities. There seems to be no push by our government to help address this issue in rural. We used to have a public train system, which, if brought back, could greatly help many working families get to and from work. Investment in public transportation is investment in rural people. It’s time Harrisburg upheld Right #3: Investment in Public Transportation of the Rural Bill of Rights.

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