To the editor: The United States of America is a constitutional republic of democratic member states. Member democracies agreed to unite under our conservative Constitution that binds them all to follow its terms, which are the foundation of our laws. Liberal buyer’s remorse over the Constitution has festered for many years and came to a head circa 2016, when the left-wing presidential candidate won the popular vote but lost the election because of its terms. The bitter loser and her followers reluctantly stepped aside but continue to fight a polarized rear-guard battle.

The left-wing fights are aided by many liberal government workers imbedded in the public’s work force who illegally used instruments of government power to obstruct our president. The instruments included the ability to spy on and surveil electronic communications, police investigative powers obtained through submission of un-true documents to get court orders, and unauthorized leaks to media outlets highly sympathetic to left-wing objectives.

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Everything you have in your letter is a LIE! You need to wake up and see Trump is nothing more than a dictator. Almost everyone part of his team went to jail!! The rest of the nonsense you write shows what a cult member you truly are!!! You say Trump is a black swan??? He is more like the ANTI CHRIST!!! You truly need to watch another news outlet , besides FOX NEWS and their complete insanity !!!

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