To the editor: Whether he knows it or not, whether he wants it or not, Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s dream man.

Regardless of his motives, Trump continues to help Putin make his once “impossible dream” of restoring the Soviet Union a stark reality. To achieve this dream, Putin wants to divide Americans and displace the United States as the leader of the free world. And President Donald J. Trump of the United States is giving Putin “the cutest dream that he’s ever seen:” Here’s how:

America’s weakening of and threatened withdrawal from NATO. The elimination of sanctions on Putin’s inner circle of oligarch friends. The abandonment of our steadfast allies, the Kurds to the mercies of Turkey and of Syria and the Middle East to the control of Russia, Iran and Basher al-Assad. The weakening of our democracy through the initial dismissal and later belittling of Russia’s attempts to subvert our 2016 presidential election by hacking, stealing and disseminating emails on Trump’s behalf, and sowing disinformation about his opponent on social media.

To continue: the failure to mount an all-out defense of all the nation’s resources against this act of cyberwar on our elections and protection of our digitally vulnerable infrastructure. Trump’s attacks on our constitutional system by delegitimizing the judiciary branch, the separation of powers, the CIA, the FBI, the free press and the very rule of law. Trump’s support of Russia’s revision of history about Crimea, Montenegro and Afghanistan. Trump’s unplanned and pre-announced extraction of American forces from Syria. Little wonder, Putin struts around the world stage looking like the Cheshire Cat who swallowed the canary.

Before he entered office, Trump solemnly swore before the nation and the world to “faithfully execute the office of the president of the United States and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Trump has unquestionably been supportive of Putin’s long-standing and destructive anti-American objectives. Americans argue about why. Does Trump actually believe what he is doing is in America’s interest? Is Trump acting innocently, but misguidedly, as an unwitting Russian asset? Is he just a useful idiot? Is he being blackmailed by Putin? Or beyond most people’s wildest imagination, could he be possibly working as an agent for Russia?

Whatever the reason, he is not living up to his oath of office. And if I am correct, may I be quaint and old fashioned and say that a president’s failure to live up to up to his oath of office is an impeachable offense … even if such an article of impeachment will never attract enough Republican votes in the Senate to convict. Talk about a dream coming true.

Tim Mannello


(Mannello is a Mount Carmel native.)

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Misinformation, whether it be through ignorance, laziness or Goebell's like brainwashing techniques, is wrong. This Fake News has killed journalism and is hurting America. The article above is an example and with all due respect Mr. Mannello is wrong. First, President Trump has made it much harder on Putin than Obama did both militarily and economically. Check the facts please. Second, NATO and other so-called friends have been taking advantage of the United States for decades under both Democratic and Republican administration but it took a non-politician to do something about it. Third, Putin isn't feeling better about either his economic position or military position under Trump. Mr. Mannello forgot the sequestration decimated our military and only now has President Trump turned it around. President Reagan knew exactly what he was doing when he confronted the USSR in an arms race. He knew that it would result in the end of the Soviet Union and if Russia and Putin attempted this it would be the end of Russia too. Our biggest global challenge isn't global warming it is China. The past two administration specifically have let China become a unscrupulous economic giant who has manipulated our Country and must be confronted now before it it too late. Another missed point by the writer. Now, the far left is considering socialism which is going down a black hole. Our economy is breaking records, our unemployment rates are the lowest ever helping those who need help the most but Fake News ignores the good and has developed Trump Derangement Syndrome. I certainly don't agree with President Trumps tweets or rough personality but I do realize that he is doing things that take guts unlike the politicians I see and get disgusted with who have slimed around the DCSwamp and other swamps forever. Putin respects Trump and certainly would love to collude with him but this has never happened or never will despite what you hear and see in Fake News.

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