It has been 27 months of the public listening to Trump’s insults, unnecessary, cruel and inexcusable public comments toward women, Mexicans, other nations, the press and political opponents.

However, his previous remarks and his renewed comments regarding the honorable and deceased Sen. John McCain and the McCain family are beyond the normal public behavior of any individual, and is certainly unprecedented in American political and presidential history.

What possible advantage could Trump envision by attacking John McCain? Is this mean streak, among other character failures of vengeful and hateful tweets, going to accomplish some type of political gain or success? If he wants to leave a legacy of his record, he’s choosing the worst possible way to do so.

What is it that drives Trump to extend the grief already endured by McCain’s family and friends? The behavior of the leader of the free world disgusting.

Kenn Splitt


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It is a clear as a summer night that there are many folks suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is a disease that turns gray matter to red. This causes hate while folks put facts aside. I could write a small novel on all the economic, foreign and fiscal policy good that has happened since President Trump won the election but those with Trump Derangement Syndrome would find something wrong because of Fake News, biased Social Media and socialist educators. President Trump certainly does and says things that make me cringe but looking at results is what matters most. You can hate Trump but don't let your mental derangement divide the nation further. McCain was a hater and you saw the results when a once hero turned into a traitor by letting even his friends believe he was voting for the repeal of Obamacare. He lied and voted against the repeal. Remember President Trump's attempt to stop the unsustainable Obamacare and turn it into a more competitive truly affordable healthcare. Obama lied to us in saying our premiums would go down $ 2000, we could keep our own insurance and doctors when just the opposite occurred. Did you look at your prescription drug costs lately? Now, the new Socialist Democrats want FREE MEDICARE FOR ALL which is a fiscal daydream. Social Security, Medicare and Medical Assistance has over $ 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and our National Debt is over $ 22 trillion dollars. Medicare for all would add another $ 77 trillion dollars to this and we would look like Venezuela. My advice to those with mental fog is to seek help for their Trump Derangement Syndrome before it is too late.


Trumps a draft dodger and not worthy to sit in the White House.


Yep, disgusting. Our president is a draft dodger and yet he insults a recently deceased war hero. Like he said, “ I can shoot someone on fifth avenue and get away with it”. His followers have not found bottom yet. Wow.


I don't know if McCain is a hero or not. I know he was a prisoner of war, but so were many other men who don't even get an honorable mention. I do know that Travis Atkins who received the Congressional Medal of honor posthumously this week was a hero. He sacrificed his life for his men. If you missed it google it. He threw himself on top of a suicide bomber and gave his life for his men and country.

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