To the Editor: The forte of Trump is bullying and dehumanizing people. His comments regarding the four Democrat Congresswomen and his comment referencing the City of Baltimore are recent acts displaying these unacceptable traits.

Although many Republicans in Trump’s gullible base follow him like a puppy dog, not all of these followers are racist misogynist--a hatred of women, especially those of color. How much longer will these people allow Trump to continue with this behavior? It is their responsibility to insist Trump stop acting in this un-American manner.

A day of reckoning is in the future. Either Trump, Mitch McConnell and other Republicans will not be re-elected or they will go further in a second term and continue to drag this country into the gutter. Are we a people who care about our fellow man and woman who want to work together and lead this planet or are we really a country of white supremacy, much like the old South Africa--a country that serves a few and discards many? Are we heading into the destruction of democracy that so many have died to protect? Will fear dominate our actions or will brotherhood and unity prevail? What does it take to get the supporters of this president to realize the extent he is out of control, ignorant of the law and dangerous to the security of our country? This president has no shame or conscience regarding his actions and how the world now views his presidency and our entire country.

Kenn Spltt


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