To the editor: Trump supporters ignore, or willingly accept, or are unaware of the many lies Trump tells. Most of his supporters watch Fox News and never hear anything negative about this president. The purpose of a free press is to check and balance all branches of government, which includes the president, and that does not happen with Fox News. Fox’s only voice of reason is Sheppard Smith, who points out Trump’s wrong views on issues like caravans.

All news sources critical of Trump are called out by him as fake news because, as he has said, he does not want his followers to know the truth. When the stances on issues concerning the environment, health care, women’s rights, guns, education, taxes, our allies and enemies, our intelligence agencies, immigration and Trump and his finances are debated, the truth is exposed.

Overwhelmingly science believes that we have an effect on global warming. Most people believe that health care is a right for everyone. Women should have control over their own bodies. Some gun laws make sense. Public education is a necessity. Tax breaks should not benefit the rich. Trump should support our allies and stop defending our enemies. Trump should stand behind intelligence agencies. We should support immigration laws. We should know Trump’s finances, including his tax returns.

When CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other “fake news’ media look at these issues, they have a “liberal bias” because they apply checks and balances infused with the truth and common sense.

Jack Strausser


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The fact is Fake News is real. I know because I watch not only Fox News but CNN and on occasion MSNBC along with the networks which are clearly far left biased in a very hateful way. And the once great NYTimes and the DCSwamp Post are owned by President Trump haters who are life long members of the radical far left Swamp. Does all this matter? Of course it does because today most good people who vote are too busy working and have always trusted the news media in the past. And most of these folks are the independents who control elections. When given bad information without further researching the truth they may make bad voting decisions which will hurt our Country's future. Our economy is breaking records with more folks working including women, blacks and hispanics than at any time in history. We are again being looked at as leaders instead of pretending to lead from behind while other governments rake us over the coals. Even if you dislike the President, we do have a clear choice on Election Day . The choice is whether we want to remain moving forward or do we want to move into a form of government called socialism which is destined to fail. Sure folks like free stuff but with SS, Medicare, Medicaid and other federal programs fiscally failing do you really trust the federal government? Washington has not succeeded in managing any social program successfully so do you want them to control you entire life from birth until death.


Thank you Jack Strausser for stating so eloquently the reasons why all of us should go to vote especially in this mid-term election on November 6.
Margie Granzow Witt

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