To the editor: A friend, in my opinion, is a person you have known for a long time; a person you trust and with which share many of the same interests; someone you can depend on in times of turmoil and danger; a person you feel comfortable being around. However, acquaintances are people you know but are not really close to or related.

An exceptionally good friend is a person who will stick by you in times of difficulty or stressful situations when you know many are against you because of a poison being directed at you by a source you cannot control. A friend who will jeopardize his or her character by letting others know that they will not turn away or let you alone to face the persecution directed at you.

Myself and many others are sick and tired of the constant and relentless articles directed toward a local businessman all but accusing him of killing a missing woman from Sunbury. These publications have been brought to the public attention for the past 28 years and even more so in the last year.

The date for the civil trial instituted by Mike Egan and his attorneys should be announced sometime this year, and that is the place will the truth will come out. There are people in the county who feel Egan is guilty of the accusation against him only because of the newspaper articles. The propaganda put out has worked to a point against him, but on the other hand more and more people are changing their opinions against Egan and throwing their support toward him because of the newspapers’ continuous, repetitious talk that has produced nothing more than failures.

Walter Brosious


(Brosious is the former Sunbury police chief.)

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