To the editor: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” That quote is so true, especially concerning the coronavirus. The solution is quite simple; get vaccinated. Why is it that so many people remain part of the problem? They refuse to get vaccinated because that is the message they are getting from Fox News and other right wing zealots. They pump out nonstop disinformation about vaccines and at the same time Fox enforces employees to submit proof of vaccination or get a daily negative coronavirus test to enter Fox’s offices.

We don’t complain about traffic rules that protect us like “click it or ticket” even though they may infringe on our “personal liberties.” And that is the same story with vaccines. Adding to the problem is unvaccinated people recovering from COVID do not have the full protection of those who are properly vaccinated which includes a booster shot. Though the fully vaccinated may get COVID, most of those who succumb or are seriously ill are unvaccinated.

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