To the editor: As we approach the annual celebration of birth for perhaps the most notable child conceived out of wedlock, we are forced to consider the actions of the Catholic Church regarding a teacher at Lourdes.

This isn’t just about the teacher and her pregnancy, but about the church and its teachings — the Harrisburg diocese made it so.

We are to believe that Reich is immoral because, in a loving relationship, she chose to bring a child into the world. Presumably the church equates this sin with the one she could have committed — abortion — or the one she didn’t by not using a contraceptive.

Moral, then, the church has taught us, is priests sexually abusing young boys and the leaders of the church covering that action up — not to mention the moral actions of the church’s past, ranging from persecution of heretics to its cozy relationship with the Nazis.

If the diocese has any fiscal sense, it will ask whether this action is prudent. There are examples across the country of Catholic schools paying off fired unwed teachers with babies. Reich seems to be in line for a bigger payday than she ever had in the classroom.

Jeff Fishbein


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