To the editor: What is patriotism? Donald Trump tells his supporters that any NFL player kneeling for the national anthem is an S.O.B. (he didn’t abbreviate it) who should be fired for disrespecting the flag and is therefore unpatriotic. The end result of Trump’s attack was what he wanted; arouse the passions of his followers. Colin Kaepernick, the player who first took a knee and the players who followed him were protesting racial inequality. Their aim was not to disrespect the flag and be unpatriotic.

Trump supporters claim they are patriotic when they stand for the playing of the national anthem. Political allegiances aside, all true Americans should show respect for our flag and love our country.

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Very well said and deeply true.


Bravo. Sadly, as a previous comment stated, the cultists will scream "fake news". Each day that passes I believe he can shoot someone and these followers will say "fine".


To upnorth : EXACTLY !


Your letter speaks the TRUTH, but there are people who refuse to believe the truth , sadly !

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