To the editor: I have been trying to appeal to our retired elderly population, but I should probably be appealing to our younger working population.

It’s about the abuse both segments of the population have been subjected to by our government officials due to the effects welfare has on Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicare and Medicaid. Those entitlements are not welfare programs and must not be reduced or suffer increased costs because of the deficit government accumulates from welfare programs.

Granted, some elderly might be entitled to certain welfare programs, but welfare recipients should not be eligible for Social Security, SSI or Medicare or Medicaid entitlements. Welfare must carry its own insurance and income allowance for its recipients or contribute to the entitlements an amount equal to their burdens from welfare each year.

Welfare’s intrusion on the retirement security of others is the main reason elders cannot retire securely; they must keep working to keep a semblance of life they become accustomed to throughout their employment years.

So, thanks to all the retired elders, working men, working women, while our government officials continue to abuse them. Welfare recipients can still earn nothing but receive everything for free. So, when is enough ... enough?

Bill Miller


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Enough is enough when very liberal socialist politicians want Medicare/Medicaid for all, free college for all and more free stuff while Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid are over $ 100 trillion dollars in debt and going broke. We should remember Margaret Thatcher's comment on Socialism and teach our youth the truth instead of far left misinformation and Fake News. Margaret Thatcher once said that "The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

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