Great display

Kudos to the all the workers involved with the Shamokin fireworks last Saturday. They were spectacular. Also, I thank the lady playing all the patriotic music over at the band shell. That really made it special. Thank you again.

How high?

It’s not surprising that Casey rejects every candidate for the Supreme Court. He will do anything he is told to do by Chuck Schumer. If Schumer told Casey to jump, Casey would ask him, “How high?”

Happiness is not a fish...

This is in response to Frog’s take comment on the Sound Off call entitled “On the agenda.” So, you think The News-Item does not have an extreme left agenda? Let me say that almost every cartoon I see in the opinion column slams President Trump. The News-Item continuously publishes articles by the Associated Press and The Washington Post that cast the president of the United States in a negative light. Why don’t you put an opinion in indicating some of the positive accomplishments he’s had since he has been elected. I challenge you to do so. But I don’t think it is going to happen. Frog’s take: We don’t have to. You are doing a fine job of it with your letters to the editor, which we probably would refuse to print if we had an extreme left agenda. We don’t have a Washington bureau, a Russia bureau, a Thailand bureau or even a North Korea bureau. We have a Shamokin bureau. No one here works for the AP or The Washington Post. We have to get our national and international news from somewhere and those are the two news services that we have. But, it really doesn’t matter what I say. You’ll never be happy.

Instant insanity

I am a proud NRA member and I support the individuals’ right to carry along with strong sentencing of gun carry violations, but a judge dismissing all changes against Coward is simply insanity. How can the charge against a convicted felon in possession of a handgun in the commission of a crime be dismissed?

Dual roles

I find it very disturbing that Kulpmont Councilman Bob Slaby voted to give code enforcement officer Moroz a raise of $2 an hour, yet Shamokin City Administrator Bob Slaby can’t help code enforcement in Shamokin. By the way, they’re the same person.

Russian swamp

Why has Trump never criticized Putin and continues to pander to the Russian dictator? Maybe because during the last 20 years rich Russians purchased many apartments in Trump Towers and $100 million of Trump’s Florida properties. Trump’s son stated: “We don’t rely on American banks; we have all the funding we need out of Russia.” Many of the creatures in Trump’s swamp speak Russian and will devour Trump’s business if Trump does not pander to Putin.

Crowds of dissent

I am sure Trump will brag that he had much bigger crowds turn out in London than what turned out for Obama’s visit. There is a big difference: The people were out to welcome Obama to their country. We witnessed hundreds of thousands in Britain, which historically has been our closest ally, turn out to tell the president of the United States that he is not welcome. It is a sad time for America.

Big thanks

I just want to give a huge thank you to the township supervisor for having the Natalie playground painted and painting lines on the basketball court for the children up there. It is about time someone does something for the kids. It was done within a week and I just want to say fabulous job, Mr. Mychak.

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