Different strokes

As far as the question regarding immigrants taking so long to get citizenship, it is not the immigrant. A lot of times it takes a very long time to get a green card because there is so much of a wait time. Also, if you are an illegal immigrant, you can’t get one. So, it is not the people not trying, it is the backlog and it is different for different countries.

Don’t understand

You don’t understand what dementia even means. Elderly people go back to their childhood and if a doll baby puts a smile on a person’s face, how wonderful to see that. There is a lot of anxiety with dementia. This doll probably calmed her down. You demeaned this woman with a smile on her face. Shame on you.

Closer to God

A new year, 2019. May your new year be a time of peace, joy and serenity. May each day bring you closer to Christ and more loving to those in your family. May each week see you advancing in the practice of faith, hope and charity. May each month give to you the aid, comfort and strength you need from God. May the march of the seasons make you appreciate and be grateful for all the good things you enjoy. May the end of the new year find you happier, healthier and holier than you have ever been. Beck’s take: Thank you for this blessing! I’m going to clip it and keep it.

Tell me lies

A lot of callers to Sound Off are suddenly growing big noses. Could this be the Pinocchio syndrome?

Allah will provide

My son has a farm and, as everybody knows, this year’s crops were terrible. He won’t even be able to pay the taxes. But he is lucky in a way. His two brothers who have regular jobs are going to help with the taxes and with the farm payments also. I am very proud of my children. Next year I hope things are normal and the farm goes the way a farm should go. With the help of the Lord and our family, things will work out. Thanks for having Sound Off where some people can get some of their problems off of their mind. Thank you and have a good new year.

Great display

I am calling from Sunbury. I was up in Shamokin and Coal Township looking at the nice decorated houses. There is one house out on what I believe is called Bear Valley Road in Coal Township that is beautiful. All the older-styled glow bulbs, the older-styled lights. You name it, this guy did it. You got to see it.

Can’t afford it

My only source of income is a widow’s Social Security check, but I always managed to put an offering in my church envelopes no matter how small it was sometimes. Now after reading in Sound Off that the diocese already paid almost a million dollars last year for legal fees before the Grand Jury Report was even released, and the likelihood that millions more will be paid out this year in settlements and more legal fees for child abuse by clergy, I can no longer throw away what little money I have to live on so Bishop Gainer can pay millions of dollars to lawyers because of those awful crimes.

Pants on fire

2018 was a record year for Trump lies, conspiracy theories and misleading statements. Trump told 5,656 untruths in 2018, an average of over 15 per day, triple the rate of lies Trump told the previous year. This is the President of the United States who is a serial liar, not some street corner huckster. Any person who believes constantly telling lies to the American people is acceptable and continues to support Trump is as big a danger to our democracy as this lying President.

Food for thought

In regards to Slaby’s letter to the Chuckwagon. First, he says operating the lunch truck anywhere in the city is prohibited. Then he says it is OK on Water Street. What a stupid letter. Should have been proofread by someone with a little bit of an education.

Sewer Authority

This is Walt Lutz. Kulpmont Council has appointed me to the Sewer Authority. I promise to be honest, transparent and to never forget I am on the authority to serve Kulpmont’s citizens.

Other Side of the Street

Mayor Nick Bozza’s remarks were not rude and arrogant. The discourteous, impolite, grand-standing and self-centered individuals are those people who are complaining because someone lives on the opposite side of the street. The residents of Shady Acres and Den-Mar Gardens have Kulpmont addresses. They are not included in the contest. However, there is a distance between their homes and borough homes and, rightfully so, are not part of the contest. Keep up the good work, Mayor Nick Bozza and the “Kulpmont 100” Committee.


To the young lady that paid for my groceries a week and a half ago at Walmart because I was so upset over my husband’s death, I want to say may life bring you a reflection of the kindness you shown to me. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. God will richly bless you. I say thank you again. Have a wonderful New Year’s.


Since we celebrate the Feast of Mary, the holy mother of God on January 1 on New Year’s Day, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year. I pray that the Lord Jesus and his Mother Mary may enrich your lives during the New Year with an abundance of God’s blessings.

Don’t belong

Well, I see that another police officer was murdered by an illegal alien thug. How many Americans have to die before Democrats get serious about protecting Americans and stop worrying about people that don’t belong here in the first place?

Little consolation

Big deal. If convicted by the Vatican, ex-Cardinal McCarrick could be defrocked or given a lesser penalty. Too bad the victims cannot cast off their abuse memories. I feel the Catholic Church is done for.

Traditional tradition

Thanks to all who keep the coal drop tradition on New Year’s Eve. We need more traditions.

Keep your wits

Fabulous article about prospective school board candidate Richard Fowler. I really hope he gets elected. Stay strong when you get in and do not get influenced by the misguided ones that are there. You have very admirable thoughts and ideas.

Free ride

I am getting tired of taking recyclables for a ride to the Coal Township Recycling Center. Where are the holiday hours posted? Many others also missed your post. There were many cars on both sides of the road near the gate. Please post your hours and not inside the building.

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Don't Belong--Would you care to explain what incident you're talking about?. I'm not wasting my time looking for some made up story to fit a right wing narrative.

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