Stickler for the rules

In regard to the Sound Off call “welcome the baby,” the caller said was Christ welcomed even though Mary didn’t have a certificate of marriage to Joseph? Well, I beg to differ. Mary was most definitely married to Joseph. Now, she conceived before being married to Joseph. That is because the Angel of the Lord descended and asked her if she would become the mother of Christ and she said: “Let it be done according to thy will.” Yes, she was definitely married. Now, all these people talking about this teacher that was fired, listen, let’s not get into morality or anything. The fact remains she knew what she was getting into when she took a job at a Catholic school. Like the rules or don’t like the rules. Disagree with the rules or not. Those rules were there and she thumbed her nose at them and said “No, I will not comply.” So you know what? It was her way and she got the highway.

In harm’s way

OK, Vinny. You can quit patting yourself on the back with these accomplishments you listed. You did more harm than good. One of your bad moves was selling the Mountain View Manor. Hopefully, the current commissioners will consider buying it back.

Rule of law

So the sister enforces the rules and the teacher is fired and the school board is furious because the sister enforced the rules. You have got to be kidding me. So what if a student violates the rules that require expulsion? So the school board will not expel the student? That teacher knew the rules when she got hired and she knew the rules when this happened. Plus, she could have prevented this by getting married. This is the problem with society today. Don’t obey the rules and bend the rules to fit what I want.

Going postal

The U.S. Post Office has become the most inept, unreliable and incompetent agent in the history of the United States. They have taken a business, which had a monopoly, and turned it into nothing. The USPS should be shut down. Losing hundreds of millions for 11 straight years. If this was any other company, they would be in bankruptcy.

Steal the crumbs

Are you enjoying the crumbs from Trump’s tax cut? Consider this: Trump’s organizations gained $20 million in cuts; 53 members who voted for it are getting an average $280,000 in tax cuts; two trillion was added to the national debt; Trump and the Republicans are proposing cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, and Social Security to pay for it. I bet this will make your new year happy.

Hello from the gutter

President Trump may simultaneously be the best president (for his good work on the economy) and the worst president (for his morals). His supporters know his morals are in the gutter as he is morally bankrupt. Stay tuned because it is not over yet.

Pick from the choir

I see Trump’s top pick to take over as White House chief of staff turned down the job. They are having trouble finding qualified people to work for Donald because those who have been closely associated with Trump damaged their personal and political reputation and face legal problems. Maybe former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly will take the job. Better yet he should hire Sean Hannity since he already is Trump’s chief adviser.

Take a hint

I read in the paper the other day that Vinny Clausi is going to run for county commissioner. God, he must be taking lessons from Hillary. He just won’t go away.

Clear and present

I am so glad that President has been cleared of all of this. Boy, it seems like that individual one guy is in some serious trouble.

Two faced

On the subject of the pregnant teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes being fired, the diocese said to fire her because she is against our standards. Well, what about the principal that was at Our Lady of Lourdes that molested the boys? What is the pope doing? Protecting the good old boys. I’m not a Catholic anymore. They should rehire this girl.

No deal

Commissioner Zalar says it is a win-win situation if the county commissioners settle and donate the money to the Coal Township for the rec center. Well, how does every other resident of Northumberland County benefit from this? We are not winning. We are losing. The only thing that this would show me is the Coal Township commissioners are good at blackmail. This to me is not a good deal and I hope the commissioners of Northumberland County turn them down flat.


I just read that letter to the editor from an unnamed student of Lourdes and I think you need to re-examine your religious education. First, divorce is not a sin. There are circumstances where divorce is allowed and you can get your marriage annulled and it is not a sin against the church. Second, that teacher made a conscious decision. If she is in a committed relationship enough to bring a child into the world, she should be committed enough to marry the father.

Think positive

I’m so tired hearing about the negative. Let’s start by giving praise to some great people in our towns like Jeanne Shaffer. Look at all she does in our community. Yes, it is her job but she goes far and beyond and puts many extra hours and days in her planning. And her husband, Mike, is always by her side at every event. Jeanne, you are the best, and Mike, too.

Speaking volumes

I haven’t read one negative thing against the teacher from Our Lady of Lourdes. Everyone is supporting her. Every editorial, the school board, the parents, the students and the surrounding area. Everyone is supporting her all on a positive note. This should speak volumes to the principal and the diocese.


I read the Sound Off calls in Sunday’s edition of The News-Item. A lot of the calls were in favor and in praise of the pregnant woman who got fired at Lourdes. Most of their reasons for praising her were, in my opinion, absurd. Number one, regarding the Catholic priests who committed those horrible sins. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Number two, as stated before this woman knew what she was getting into when she signed the contract. Number three, when they asked her, are you going to be married in the future, she adamantly refused. Therefore, the Catholic Church, no matter if you like their rules or not, stands for something. She thumbed her nose at that. She got the highway. As I said in an earlier call, you reap what you sow.

School policy

The pregnant teacher at Lourdes broke her contract with the school. Actions of the priests or church leaders have nothing to with school policy or her personal responsibility.

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